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[16 Aug, 2017] Interbank Exchange Rates in Pakistan - Detect US$ dollar interbank rate in Pakistan today, Forexrates.com.pk gives bona fide and precise changed over estimation of interbank US$ dollar rates in Pakistan. The accompanying interbank currency trade table shows money purchasing TT clean and selling TT and OD and purchasing OD/T.CHQ. The reason for this is to keep advised each clients by crisp changes in interbank money trade rates moreover all the significant monetary forms rates are changed over into Pakistani rupees also. Obtain the authentic trade estimation of some primary monetary forms like USD $ Dollar Rates, (€ - EUR) Euro Rates, (£-GBP) British Pound Rates, (AED) UAE Dirham Rates, (Riyal – SAR) Saudi Riyal Rates in Pakistan. Interbank rates are the amount of interest made upon brief and short-lived loans and advances shaped amongst banks. Banks get and supply currency in the interbank for the sake of maintaing transparency and meet the preconditions fixed over them.

Currency Buying TT Clean Selling TT & OD
 US Dollar 104.6 104.8
 UK Pound Sterling 131.47 131.72
 Euro 111.67 111.88
 Canadian Dollar 79.76 79.91
 Swiss Franc 104.51 104.71
 Australian Dollar 78.78 78.94
 Swedish Korona 11.82 11.84
 Japanese Yen 0.9102 0.9119
 Norwegian Krone 12.53 12.55
 Singapore Dollar 73.35 73.49
 Danish Krone 15.01 15.04
 Saudi Riyal 27.89 27.94
 Hong Kong Dollar 13.48 13.51
 Chinese Yuan 15.42 15.45
 Kuwaiti Dinar 343.06 343.72
 Malaysian Ringgit 23.61 23.66
 New Zealand Dollar 75.82 75.97
 Qatar Rial 28.73 28.78
 U.A.E Dirham 28.48 28.53
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